A work-in-progress free and open-source replacement for the Diablo I engine. Simply import the Diablo assets, and enjoy the same old game with faster performance and modern resolutions, and first class support for mods.

What's this all about?

We love Blizzard's popular game, Diablo. We love it so much, in fact, that we're willing to spend our precious time developing a free and open source solution for those wanting to play it on a modern computer.


Is that legal?!

Short answer, yes. We don't distribute any copyrighted game assets, which means you'll need to have a copy of Diablo to be able to play.

  • freeablo v0.4 released

    Version 0.4 finally released, after a looong time. The game is still not yet fully playable, but is much much closer now, with multiplayer, proper melee combat, shops, all dungeon levels, some magic and ranged combat, etc etc.

    I’d like to make a special thanks this time to @grantramsay, @konopka90, and @predelnik for their contributions to this release.

    Here’s a video with some juicy footage: