A work-in-progress free and open-source replacement for the Diablo I engine. Simply import the Diablo assets, and enjoy the same old game with faster performance and modern resolutions, and first class support for mods.

What's this all about?

We love Blizzard's popular game, Diablo. We love it so much, in fact, that we're willing to spend our precious time developing a free and open source solution for those wanting to play it on a modern computer.


Is that legal?!

Short answer, yes. We don't distribute any copyrighted game assets, which means you'll need to have a copy of Diablo to be able to play.

  • Status update

    Hi all,

    So, there hasn’t been much activity on this site in a while, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any development!

    My main focus for the next version (0.4) has been getting multiplayer working. It is now mostly working, aside from a few issues. It’s basically just these few issues that are blocking the release now, so I’m hoping to clear them up soon. If you’re interested, you can see the roadmap here: https://github.com/wheybags/freeablo/milestone/5.

    As for what else is in the release, there’s a whole bunch more GUI now, thanks to predelnik, and I’ve rewritten the renderer to use opengl directly instead of the SDL renderer. This will allow some nicer graphical effects, such as fancy shadow effects, which I’m planning to add in v0.5, as well as finishing up at least melee combat. There’s also been a whole bunch of miscellaneous improvements to the codebase, and probably a bunch of features I’ve forgotten about because it’s been so long since they were added, but I’ll make sure to cover everything properly in the release video, when the time comes.

    In non-dev news, I’m planning to move the server hosting this site, and while I’m at it, I’m going to switch the site from wordpress to a simple static site generated by jekyll, and also probably moving the github project page to gitlab, since github has unfortunately been acquired by Microsoft.

    I’m also thinking of moving the spam-riddled phpbb forums to discourse.