mp gif

Probably the only feature half of you even care about :p
Anyway, perhaps an overstatement, as what you see is just the player being synced, but I’ve started on implementing mp, so you should be hearing more about it “Soon”

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v0.3 released

As it says, v0.3 finally released.

Big features this time round are level 3 level generation, and some cool new gui stuff from konopka90 and Exairnous.

Im hoping that for v0.4 I can get a start on combat and multiplayer, so it should be a more exciting one (a lot of the stuff in this release is a bit “invisible” to end users).  I’m also gonna try actually write something on here a bit more often, keep it updated with project status and the occasional general interesting gamedev bit I run into.

Anyway, (slightly less) crappy video, and changelog below:


- Bugfix - monsters spawn on level stairs #112
- Threading refactor #107
- Hotkey selection GUI #106
- level 3 dungeon generation #103
- UI chroma key transparency #96
- UI animation #95
- Bugfix - gui clicks register as movement clicks #88
- Initial version of launcher #33
- sound #26
- better celview gui #134
- Bugfix - music memory leak #111
- Bugfix - exit when DIABDAT.MPQ not found #114, #115
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New wobsite

Hey all, I updated the website. Finally have themes for wordpress and phpbb that match :3


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Freeablo v0.2 released!

Hello, all. As the title says, v0.2 is released. The big features of this release are the gui, music, and level generation for dungeon level 2. Downloads available at

Crappy video and changelog below:



- Bugfix - MPQ filename case sensitivity #78, #76
- Bugfix - Deadlock on caertain command line args
- Bugfix - Player-npc clipping #97
- Bugfix - Reading freed memory in FAIO 6f098b1
- Config File parsing #81
- LibRocket Gui framework #82, #86
- Improved CEL rendering #85, #91
- Inventory and char menu placeholders #86
- Pause menu #90
- Main menu #94
- Keybinding configuration framework #98
- Music #99
- SDL1 support removed d4da725
- Dungeon level 2 generation #93
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Media section

Another short update – I made a media section with some screenshots + a basic video:

BTW: If any of you out there are good at web (or just ordinary) design, it would be nice to get custom wordpress + phpbb themes (that match), and/or a freeablo logo.

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Quick progress report

So, it was called to my attention that I haven’t updated this site in a good while.
Since the last update, there’s been a few changes – the big ones being gui and level generation for dungeon levels 5-8 (still in a pr,
Dungeon level 5:
Screenshot from 2014-11-13 15:10:43

Main menu:

Screenshot from 2014-11-13 15:16:43

Pause menu:

Screenshot from 2014-11-13 15:16:52

Char and Inv windows (don’t actually do anything yet):

Screenshot from 2014-11-13 15:21:39


As you can probably see, the gui bits are fairly placeholder for now, missing some visual features (like trasparency for that ugly green, and animation for the spinning pentagrams and fire), but they are a good base in my humble opinion 😛


Anyway, development does continue, in fact we’re probably approaching a point where we can release v0.2, if you take a look at the github milestone:, it’s mostly finished, with music being the only big feature remaining.

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I have been planning to use libRocket as the gui library for freeablo. The great thing about it is that it allows you to design guis with a derivative of html and css, so this would be very user-moddable.

However, freeablo is using SDL for rendering, and libRocket has no native support for SDL. Fortunately, it does have a nice interface for plugging in rendering backends, and someone has written an sdl backend for it ( Unfortunately, this code was rather tied up in the game engine it was created for, and was not a drop-in solution.

It was a massive pain getting it to work, but I finally managed to do so. I have submitted a pull request to the libRocket authors, in the hopes that this will prevent this pain from happening ever again, but I’m not sure if there’s anyone actually reviewing pull requests on their end. Anyway, the code can be found here:

Unfortunately, this does mean SDL 1 support will have to be dropped, but to be fair, the reasons for it existing were fairly silly 😛

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So now there’s an irc channel

Someone made an irc channel on freenode, and some people actually joined, which is always good.

Anyway, #freeablo on Here’s a webchat link if you want:

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So I made a forum too

Not sure if this will actually get used but sure here it is:

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Freeablo v0.1 released

Hi all, so just made this site 😛

Anyway, release notes for v0.1:

  • CEL / CL2 decoding
  • Level rendering
  • Level Generation
  • Level switching
  • Town NPCS
  • Mouse movement
  • Animation
  • Doors
  • Basic collision

Get it from

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