Save game development

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Save game development

Post by konopka90 »

Hi guys,

For now I'm gonna to develop saving and loading game state.
I only inform ;p

Boost::serialization would be adequate.
Where are we going to store savegames ?

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Re: Save game development

Post by wheybags »

Sorry, only saw this now.
I've actually been thinking it's about time we got a proper config directory, like openmw has, so ~/.freeablo on *nix.
I think it'd be better to use ~\My Documents\My Games\freeablo on windows, for consistency.
We should store the user settings file there, and also DAIBDAT.MPQ and Diablo.exe (the launcher can ask us to select the files, and then copy em there), as well as the save files.
What you implemented though is fine for now.
We also need to add saving of the actual levels, but I'm refactoring the level handling code atm, so we can leave it for now.

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