Won't 'modern resolutions' make spells OP?

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Won't 'modern resolutions' make spells OP?

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Hey folks,

Just found the project after reading this questions here over on stack exchange diablo-esque-game-that-runs-on-linux-preferably-free (link directly to the answer that mentions it: https://askubuntu.com/a/963650) and other than how cool this project is one of the things that struck me quickly is that I recall reading somewhere about the resolutions limitations being a requirement for fair gameplay.

I can't remember where it was, and it might have been referring to Diablo 2 rather than D1, but I believe the issue was that magic users had a huge advantage over other classes when larger resolutions were used because one of the main things that restricted their abilities was the inability for the player to right click on objects that were off screen. If they could then it was too easy for them to do so on NPCs that didn't have sight of the player so wouldn't react (my assumption) and against other players with lower resolutions who couldn't see where they were.

Is this something you are thinking of addressing or just a problem you are looking forward to becoming an issue? (You'll need to be pretty far into development before it becomes a real issue!)

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Re: Won't 'modern resolutions' make spells OP?

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Not sure yet, but probably something along the lines of view distance and fog of war. As you said, balance is a long way off yet :p

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