Freeablo 0.2 Linux

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Freeablo 0.2 Linux

Post by qualakon »

I've been running into issues with Freeablo and Linux. Namely I can't get it to run.

I have a linux box and a virtual machine for Windows 7. When I try Freeablo with the virtual machine it crashes right away, not much I can do there.

With Linux, the most notable error I get is like so:

$ sudo sh freeablo
freeablo-binary: 1: freeablo-binary: Syntax error: ")" unexpected

What am I doing wrong here?

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Re: Freeablo 0.2 Linux

Post by wheybags »

First of all, you don't need sudo :p
Secondly, that's the actual binary, just do ./freeablo, or sh freeablo and it'll run it with the correct libs.
Note: might still not work, neeed to work on my packaging for portable linux builds. Feckin glibc versions are the most annoying shit.
Also re: vms, hardare accelerated things (like freeablo) should work in vmware, but virtualboxes emulated graphics cards are too bad to be useful atm.
I've gotten freeablo working in an osx vimware vm :p.

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