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Re: Proposal

Post by nodrm »

:| Ok, but please, PLEASE, try to keep Tchernobog's save file format. Or code a tool to import Tchernobog's characters and stash.
There's too much time some people have invested to start it all from scratch...

By the way, I'll try to find time to browse through Freeablo's source code and maybe contribute.

Any roadmap?

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Re: Proposal

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Yeah, here's the list of tasks for the next release:
There's not much left on there though, if you feel like doing some reverse engineering you could try adding in support for different versions of Diablo.exe, or you could try and integrate the pathfinding code that's sitting in a pull request from konopka90 right now.
Or anything else you can see that needs doing really :p
Feel free to ask questions here or on github too.

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Re: Proposal

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Is there a reason why the source won't be released for Tchernobog as-is?

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